Diesel Mechanic

This position is responsible for the servicing of all corporate vehicles without requiring direct supervision or assistance.? This person undertakes specific job assignments involving the servicing of heavy machinery, tri-axle and semi tractors and trailers, and all other corporate vehicles.

????????? This person must have the ability to travel to breakdown sites and perform emergency maintenance outside the garage and/or perform vehicle maintenance tasks inside the garage

????????? Diagnose and repair machinery such as tractors, trailers, tri-axles, loaders, etc

????????? Perform tire repairs and changes as needed

????????? Perform Pennsylvania State Inspection and ensure that DOT requirements are met on all equipment

????????? Apply troubleshooting knowledge acquired through previous experience and/or techniques and methods assigned by manufacturer service manuals or representatives

????????? Ability to operate proper tooling and equipment such as sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, impact sockets, pry bars, punches, drifts, chisels, allen wrenches, nut drivers, adjustable wrenches, hammers, pipe wrenches, files, grease guns, saws, drills, presses, compressors, pneumatic wrenches, cranes, lifts, tow motors, pre-assembled tool kits, lubrication pumps, measurement gauges, and other implements to perform mechanical work

????????? Respond to driver issues that may arise during the This person must provide his/her own tools

????????? shift including evaluation of the problem and repair to allow the driver to get back on the road as soon as possible

????????? Remove and/or repair components such as air induction and exhaust systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, hydraulic pumps and all other attachments that are serviced by the company

????????? This person must complete and submit requisitions detailing the numbers of all specific parts needed to perform repairs as well as be able to dismantle and recondition damaged parts or components for immediate re-installation in equipment or to be used as inventory items as outlined by the manufacturer?s engineering specifications

????????? Keep accurate records in regards to serial numbers, odometer readings,? reasons for equipment failure, and service records in shop floor computer system

????????? Keep work area clean, safe, & orderly and use safety precautions when climbing and working on equipment

????????? Be aware of moving equipment, garage doors and building structure. Make sure that all truck beds are lowered before entering and exiting garage and be aware of the location of all co-workers.

????????? Communicate with co-workers and all levels of management important information

????????? Aid and instruct lower level mechanics in complex repairs and diagnosis or when needed and perform other related work duties as assigned by the Garage Superintendent

Don't Be Fooled

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